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Our journey to the hunting Airedale Terrier was more or less borne out of necessity. We were searching for hunting Airedale Terriers for our breeding of Heide Terriers, but were unsuccessful in our endeavors. So, without further ado, we acquired a female from Serbia (trained for hunting through the paternal line) and two females from venerable lines of German working dogs (Thekla, Heinrichsburg, Erikson, Morgenstern & Abendstern). While searching for hunting Airedale Terriers, we repeatedly came upon lines in the United States that are trained for hunting to this day. In the United States, the dogs are successfully used to hunt wild boars, bears, cougars, and coyotes. In the meantime, we have imported three Redline Airedale Terrier from the United States.

Because we are convinced of the hunting traits and aptitudes of these dogs such as excellent sight, strong tracking capability, keen and steady demeanor in hunting for wild boar or predatory game, high level of intelligence and loyalty to the hunt leader, we have decided to breed these dogs. Both the normal Airedale Terrier as well as the Redline Airedale Terrier from the lines of Matt Thom.

A-Litter Airedale Terrier

ALLEENE (Airedale Terrier) from Heideterrier Moritzburg

WT: 20.05.2018
Parents: Tessa from Auhammer (Airedale Terrier FCI) x Jake from Stone Farms (Airedale Terrier AKC Import USA) Breeder: John Crawford Sr.

Tessa and Jake were tested for HD, ED, OCD & spondylosis, all without pathological findings, and are free of PRA and cataracts per a DOK veterinarian.

It is a miracle that Tessa brought this little female into the world. Big thanks to www.facebook.com/elbtaltierarzt and Michael Kluge without whom it would not have been possible to get Tessa pregnant and to preserve the pregnancy. Heartfelt thanks for all of your great work.