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Heideterrier Moritzburg | Our Pack of Hounds

Our Driven Hunt Pack

We have many years’ experience in game hunting. We place great importance on the principled contact with game and the careful handling of our dogs. We can gladly assist you with your planned event, be it in corn, reeds, or driven hunting! We offer you an effective pack of Heideterriers, Airedale Terriers, Jagdterriers, Germin Wirehaired Pointers, Parson Russell Terriers and Coursehaired Dachshunds, all tested in their obedience and their quarrying abilities. Our dogs are good-natured and can be harnessed together with other dogs (please discuss this option with us beforehand). Our guides possess hunting licenses and accompany the pack for protection, whereas their weapons are only for the protection of the dogs and guides. For larger areas we can use experienced guides with certified dogs.

hundeschutzjackeThe safety of our dogs is especially important to us. For this reason we have equipped them with the most modern technology. This includes GPS collars and protective vests. To avoid injury from game or from hunting on croplands, we can use modern drone technology with cameras, including thermal imaging cameras. This enables us to hold highly effective hunts in cornfields.

Our Conditions:

We operate our pack professionally, but not commercially. We don’t aim to “get rich” from our dogs, nevertheless we have to cover our expenses. Our costs can vary depending on location and the number of dogs as well as guides. The hunting operator or huntsman guarantees the guides free food and beverages, and if necessary, free lodgings.

Before the Hunt:

All those participating in the hunt should note the following rules beforehand:

  • Accident prevention regulations (UVV und VSG Jagd 4.4) must be followed, including the use of high-visibility clothing and no shots in the direction of the guides or the hunting dogs.
  • After the hunt, please bring all free-running dogs to the collection point, of if delayed inform the guides promptly to prevent unnecessary searches (the telephone number can be found on the vests).
  • Any game caught by the dogs is to be bagged by the guides alone.
  • No heavily traveled roads, rail lines or highways, where it cannot be guaranteed that the game fences are sealed.
  • The huntsman authorizes the guides according to ordinance UVV VSG 4.4 Subsection 11 to bring an underloaded gun and to use this for his own protection, for a coup de grace and for the shooting at game if necessary.
  • In emergency situations we cannot take the sex or age of prey into consideration.

On the Day of the Hunt:

The following information should be noted for the day of the hunt:

  • Telephone numbers for the huntsman and all participants
  • Telephone number and directions to the nearest veterinarian on call
  • The client shall make a local person available to the guides who is physically able to accompany all chases on foot.
  • Area map with marked boundaries and danger points (roads, channels, pasture or porous fences, marked chases and areas off limits, if any)
  • Neighboring properties should be informed that dogs might enter the property.

The dogs are to wear high-visibility vests and GPS transmitters, which greatly decreases the risk of injury or disappearance. If during the hunt any dogs are injured, killed or lost, the client carries all costs of veterinary treatment, or compensation for any lost or killed dogs. The client may take out an insurance policy for the day of the hunt in order to more conveniently deal with these risks.

For many years, we have worked closely with the Andreas Lehmann Allianz Insurance Company.

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Both our guides and the pack carry liability insurance.