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Heideterrier Moritzburg | Our Kennels

Our kennel compound consists of four 3 x 2 m kennels and two 2 x 4 m kennels. We also have two 3 x 2 m kennels with added 2 x 2 m breeding cubicles with integrated infrared heating, wooden floor, and throw pillows.

brometAll our kennels are full-protection structures from Bromet. In addition we have two outdoor kennels that are about 100 m² large. All kennels are equipped with insulated doghouses and wooden bed planks from Bromet. We also have a heated 2.5 x 6 m office container which holds 10 Bromet insulated crates. We use these at night for noise considerations, and during especially cold winter periods.

A separate 500 m² puppy run is located next to the kennel compound. The adult dogs have access to a 2000 m² run and a training area of another 2000 m². Everything is safely and securely fenced. A great advantage for us and our dog training work is our hunting grounds, located directly behind the runs, as well as the property of fellow hunters adjacent to it. More than 2,500 hectares of forest, meadow and water are at our disposal for daily training exercises.

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